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Guest art – Yvette Gustafsson

Guest art – Yvette Gustafsson published on No Comments on Guest art – Yvette Gustafsson

Yay! Second week of guest art. (Or beginning of third) This time around we got some fun from Yvette Gustafsson. Looks like Frr is a bit hungry! Now, what if the real trap is that the hamburger is not vegan?  Cue dramatic music.

Thank you Yvette for this guest art. Oh, and btw. readers. Yvette is also a webcomic creator! (Among other things) It’s one of the few webcomics purely in swedish and we think you should check it out.

And so that no one forget: We still want more Krig RAWR inspired guest art!

Preferable with the dimensions 800 × 1130 and in .png. (So it  will work with our page layout. But look 800×800 appears to be working fine as well!)
Send the image to tomb at
Don’t forget to write something about yourself and where people can find more of your work.

Thanks again Yvette!  And see you all next week.

– Tomb & Mirjam

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