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Page 45 will be a little bit late

Page 45 will be a little bit late published on No Comments on Page 45 will be a little bit late

…due to unforeseen circumstances. We are still around. It’s just some personal reasons. Don’t worry about it. You could read about this cool discovery meanwhile:

Its huge nose remains a mystery.

“The jumbo-sized schnoz of Nasutoceratops likely had nothing to do with a heightened sense of smell — since olfactory receptors occur further back in the head, adjacent to the brain — and the function of this bizarre feature remains uncertain,” lead author Scott Sampson of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, said in a press release.

Source: Dino With Huge Nose and Horns Unearthed in Utah.

“Big Nosed Horned Faced” could be a good inspiration for a new character in future chapters. 😉

– Tomb & Mirjam

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