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Guest art – Anna Landin

Guest art – Anna Landin published on No Comments on Guest art – Anna Landin


As we said before. During this script break we are planning to show some guest comics and art. So here is the first submission that we have received!


It’s from Anna Landin and she based it on American photojournalist David Douglas Duncan’s famous photo of Marine Capt. Francis “Ike” Fenton. When he ponders his fate and the fate of his men after being told that his company is nearly out of ammunition. During the war in Korea, 1950. Anna is amazing and you really should check out more of her art on Tumblr and read more about her daily life in her blog.

Oh, and the contest is soon over. So if you haven’t taken part yet. Check last weeks post!

(Ps. I was planning to have the guest art as shown like the webcomic pages. But the theme needs some rework if that is going to work.)

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