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Page 49 – Sunrise over no dino’s land

Page 49 – Sunrise over no dino’s land published on 4 Comments on Page 49 – Sunrise over no dino’s land

December is upon us in just one day. I guess the snow in Sweden will soon be arriving.

So we were wondering, now three chapters in, do you have a favorite character? Or just one you really would like to find out more about in the future?

Edit: oops, I think you all just got a preview of next weeks page, haha. Sorry for that. Now it’s the correct page!


Clawr, as well. Also, I am generally on carnivores’ side. Partially because i merely find carnivorous dinosaurs more graceful, more cute – leef eaters are often just misshapen and irregular. Partially – perhaps because of solidarity. I’m a predator too, after all.

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