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Page 50 – Not so good friends

Page 50 – Not so good friends published on No Comments on Page 50 – Not so good friends

Hi everyone! (Oh, my god! 50 pages?!) Mirjam is currently busy working on a comic anthology. So she need to focus a lot of her current energy on that. So we will have to slow down the update schedule for a few weeks. This will be the schedule for a little while:

  • 14/12 One new page.
  • 28/12 One new page
  • 11/1 One new page.
  • 25/1 One new page.

And after that we continue with one page every week again!

So I guess the next upload will be after christmas! So we will now wish a good one and that you get all the dinosaurs you wished for!

– Tomb & Mirjam

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