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We are in Utopi!

We are in Utopi! published on 8 Comments on We are in Utopi!

Hah, yes. We are still around and look! Krig RAWR in a pretty cool Swedish comics magazine called Utopi! A lot of people have been asking if Krig RAWR will ever continue and what is happening right now. Well, Mirjam is currently studying and do not have a lot of time to use all her free time on Krig RAWR. So we are at a standstill. The webcomic will continue. We just don’t know when yet. It might take a while. Maybe (Pretty sure) as far into the future as next summer.

Thanks Anna for the photo!

Edit: The site is kinda slow right now. Due to heavy traffic and that we needed to crank down the resources on the server. You can help by donating for the server cost. But since we will not update for a while we can see why you don’t want to donate right now. 🙂


GAAAH!!!! I just discovered this today and I’m so upset that there’s no more strips!!!! Is there any chance that a new one is on the way?

Sigh hate to say it but think ol Krig Rawr is dead. Such a shame it was a really cool concept and story.

Hi! Tomb here, writer of this comic.
Yes, that would be correct. We finished and published the book Dinosaga for kids around age 6-9. But that was a while ago now.
Mirjam has moved on to work on other projects and we both feel it was for the best to leave Krig RAWR as it is.

If you are curious what Mirjam is up to nowadays check out:

Meanwhile I have moved on to working on my mental health. :>

Sorry to disappoint the fans of Krig RAWR!

Hello, I know this thing is almost 10 years over (hard to believe it was such a long time), and I only discovered it today, through a source which is not exactly the best one (a wikia who review in a critical way webcomics which they don’t consider good). But I don’t agree that this thing is bad – just short. The premise is interesting, and I got interested in knowing what will happen in that world.

However, I don’t think most of their criticisms (we don’t know why some characters acted as they did, or their personalities were not developed) were fair, because I feel that if King RAWR have been continued, maybe we would understand why the general sold his soldier to the feathered dinosaurs, or why the “skinny” dinosaur betrayed her fellow herbivorous to allow the avian-like carnivorous to enter the base, for example. They criticize the fact that the dinosaurs have human-like gear (as the weapons, clothes etc.), but I don’t see that as a problem, after all, art is the realm of the fantastic.

So, I think that King RAWR deserves more. I understand if you (the author) does not want to continue the webcomic, but did you thought about getting in touch with another artist, if Mirjam is no more available? Or maybe a collaborative “open source” thing, as making (or allowing someone to make) a deviantart group, so anyone who wanted could continue fleshing the world and story of King RAWR. Since the setting is interesting, worldbuilding would be good too (things as a Pangaea map with all territories each faction has, which taxon are sapient in this setting or a list of which technologies they have or don’t have – I see many military tech, some construction techniques to build the forts and also radio, but no flying vehicles, perhaps because of the Pteranodons; also if there are all taxons from Earth’s Mesozoic age, or since we have dinosaurs from all periods mixed, then we don’t have the same species as in our timeline)

(I said all of that but I can’t do much too, free time and energy is hard to come here :/ but if there’s interest I could participate in a deviantart group or something like that, I could at least give a few ideas about the worldbuilding)

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