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Krig rawr testing new waters

Big news about Krig RAWR!

Big news about Krig RAWR! published on 9 Comments on Big news about Krig RAWR!

Today starts a new and bold change for Krig RAWR. Something we hope you will all like. We all know that the site haven’t been publishing any pages for a while now. That’s mostly because Mirjam recently moved to another town and have no time to work on the webcomic. But now we have the solution!

We recently realized that the most time effecting way for this webcomic to work is if we switch roles. Mirjam will do the writing and Tomb will do the drawing. Tomb’s art really brings the characters to life and Mirjam’s writing are both witty, serious and a clever take on society. We really think this will bring Krig RAWR to the next level. Tomb’s simple technique will also allow us to make at least a new page every second day. Something a lot of users has been asking for.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this!

Update 2/4: April fools! 😉


Oh, man, I almost thought you were serious for a minute. (deep breath). I read through the archives recently, and I love this story. (my favorite character is Dora, she is awesome and I will fight anyone who says otherwise). Is this chapter going to feature some backstory and character development for our ceratopsian general?

Haha, glad you are liking it! And yes, you are guessing correct. This chapter will give a bit of backstory to TZR and the people around him. But we are on a longer hold right now. Due to comic related stuff. One thing I can’t really talk about yet and the other is that we recently translated the second chapter to swedish. Because it’s gonna be published in a swedish comics magazine. 🙂

Greetings from the most southerly isle in the tropical Caribbean!
Just finished reading thru the achives and I have to say, this is truthfully a VERY unique take on the Dinosaur mythos.
I honestly hope that this comic isn’t dead

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