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Page 9 – BADOOOOM!

Page 9 – BADOOOOM! published on No Comments on Page 9 – BADOOOOM!


The readers numbers keep ticking up and it appears that most of the people visiting the site right now are returning readers. That is awesome and makes both Mirjam and me happy. Oh, and btw. Google+ now have pages. So we created a page for Krig RAWR! It will work just like our Facebook fan page, but I guess it will be for the people that don’t use Facebook, but uses Google+.

Oh, and introducing Dory. She is based on the genus of pterosaur called Dorygnathus. And she is also one of the few characters that I havn’t named by making strange dinosaur noises with my mouth. While writing down the letters, heh. Here, try this and see what kind of dinosaur name you can come up with:

  • Listen to something like this and try to make the sounds with your mouth. Or just growl with your mouth. (Thats what I do)
  • Now repeat it sloooowly until you can hear the letters. Write them down!
  • CLAWR for example is named using this method. If you growl it like this “ClAWRrr” it sounds like something a dinosaur would say. (Right?) I guess it would be easier for you all to understand if I recorded myself saying the names.
Oh, well. Enjoy the awesome page!
– Tomb

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