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Page 26 – Just a flesh wound

Page 26 – Just a flesh wound published on 5 Comments on Page 26 – Just a flesh wound

So sorry this page is late! Some unforeseen circumstances is to blame. Anyway! The page is finally up. So no worries right?

Btw. we would love more comments! We have like 800 visitors every time we upload  a page. But comments are rare!


I’m probably stating the obvious here, but I like the way you guys switched the perspective in this chapter. Also, this is a really neat concept! I’ve been so used to reading comic books with sparkly boys, so to read about dinosaurs is a nice change of pace. All the little elements that you’ve added to it, like war and technology, is really neat.

All the ferns!
No, but seriously, you’ve done a really good job here. I really enjoy the fact that there’s some color in this, as you often think of dinosaurs as pretty boringly brown.
Also, the story is thickening so wonderfully. Can’t wait to read more~

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