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Page 38 – Suddenly

Page 38 – Suddenly published on 8 Comments on Page 38 – Suddenly

Yeah, we are suddenly so very close to the end of this chapter!

We have added a archive button to the navigation for easier browsing. For all our readers that do not use Comic-rocket. And we have recently seen a bump in traffic because we paid for some nice ads.

Oh, and we will have a contest next week! So stay tuned.


Ah, a double cross! I knew it! He looked a little bit fishy to me. He reminded me a lot of a raptor but without all the lethal stuff. At least he let his partner live, unless that was lethal gas. Another awesome page you guys! 🙂

This didn’t surprise me. Going through this chapter as it was progressing, it did seem odd to me that he would know what Clawr was doing, as I don’t think Clawr would have just allowed this information to spread. It didn’t click with me right away. It took a little while for me to realize that this guy might be a spy.

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