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Page 39 – Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Page 39 – Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! published on 16 Comments on Page 39 – Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

…and done! We have come to the end of the second chapter and we hoped you enjoyed it. The webcomic will now have a longer break until the third chapters writing and story board is done. Meanwhile we are going to upload some guest images / comics from friends and people that are interested in making some Krig RAWR art. (Email if you are !) Starting most likely next week.


It has been a long ride and it’s time to celebrate with us. How? Well, we are having a contest! The only thing you need to do is leaving a comment to this page with your favorite type of dinosaur and what weapons it would look cool with.  We pick a winner 15th of February and Mirjam will then draw that type of dinosaur with your weapon of choice!

Oh, and bonus points if we see that you have liked, +G or tweeted about Krig RAWR. We are almost at 200 fans on Facebook. Would be cool to hit that mark.

And thank you all for reading!

– Tomb & Mirjam


The end? Aren’t you gonna show, how it ended like?

My choice… someone already picked Deinonychus, so I’ll choose Utahraptor (scaled, non-feathered version) armed with Barret M82. Let him make use of his great strength to dish out decent firepower.

Man, their boss sure has a lot of swagger! I mean, hes wearing a sharp looking tuxedo and has a badass pair of glasses. And talk about quite the badass entrance too! He sure looks laid back and hyper deadly. They all look huge compared to the little brown, double crossing guy. Yet another awesome page!

As for your contest, i would LOVE to see a Gigantosaurus or T-rex with an M60 and covered in heavy flak jackets with cool helmets. However, i think their hands would be too small to hold them lol. Raptors with Uzis or Vectors would be pretty awesome as well. A Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus with a flail/ball & chain would be pretty funny and ironic to see too lol.

Honestly, I only just found your comic today but I plan to keep reading, really liking how you give the carnivores more history instead of just playing them as “the bad guys”

For the contest, how about a “quetzalcoatlus” (as far as I know, its the largest pterosaur known to live) with rockets, missiles and other armaments attached to its wings like a jet

Loving the comic so far. Great work, you guys!

Also I’ve been wondering what species those red feathered thingies are.

The closest thing I can find are the sinornithosaurus and the graciliraptor. It’d be nice to have a page detailing on the names of the various species of dinosaurs that pop up in your comic. Learning is fun!

As for the contest thing, I’ve always liked the pedopenna. They’d look good with the Shanxi Type 17. Which is cool too considering it’s a Chinese imitation and the pedopenna was found in China.

Hatzegotpteryx. Dat giant pterosaur, aww yeaaa 8D As for weaponry…. … ..a…. WHALING HARPOON. Those gigantic ones. It could spear enemies from a distance, carry them up, and then drop them! Maybe even with the same spear over and over so there’s no need for ammunition? Man, I don’t even know how these things work.

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