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Page 4 – Cute overload

Page 4 – Cute overload published on No Comments on Page 4 – Cute overload

Prepare for cuteness overload with some stegosaurid babies! I used to dream when I was younger about having one of those.. Thats not more difficult than taking care of a rabbit, right?

Oh, and btw. I have gotten some feedback on the site design and so on and would like to say this:
This design is only temporary and will change to a more standard webcomic layout approach. But that is something that I will start working on when I know if the second chapter will be created or not. It is already written, but it all depends on if Mirjam will have time for it during the months we are publishing the first chapter here. Mirjam is currently working really hard on a dream to become a concept artist and that means she don’t really have the spare time to start drawing the new chapter. But she loves the script so it is not lack of motivation!

Maybe I could justify spending more spare time on  it in the future by asking people to donate or maybe creating a Kickstarter. Well, this is a little bit early to talk about things like this. So enjoy the cuteness!

Oh, and check out this funny fan art  that we got thanks to a sketch livestream project.
(Oh, and btw.. Teaser: We have some ideas for propaganda posters based on the comic. That would be pretty sweet, right?)

– Tomb

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