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Page 5 – One per generation

Page 5 – One per generation published on No Comments on Page 5 – One per generation

Geez, page five already?

A reader on Twitter asked me about the name of the comic. So I guess I could tell you that “story”. We wrote the first chapter “Z” in Swedish and basicly it is just the swedish name of the comic. Krig in swedish means war and RAWR! Well.. It is in the language “Dinosaur”. (I will explane more about the language and how I make up names for the characters in another post) We kept the word Krig because “War RAWR!” sounds like something a drunk hadrosaurid would say.

And btw.. Love the response so far. Mostly the site traffic is from io9, Google+, Facebook and Deviantart. So all you readers out there! And to all those people that write things like “More! More! Nooow!” every week.. Thanks! This is just the start.. I bet you will love the comming months of Krig RAWR!

– Tomb

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