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Page 23 – So dramatic

Page 23 – So dramatic published on 4 Comments on Page 23 – So dramatic

Ah, that week long break felt like a year or something. Mostly because I really love this chapter and want to share it all right away! So here we have two new characters. One is a thecodontosaurus and the other is a segisaurus. Can you spot which is which?

Oh, and I like that Mirjam did some very subtle changes to show that the segisaurus is female. Did you notice before reading this?


I noticed after I read your comment about how she was female. I’d also just like to let you know that this page 23 re-inspired me to write a book abouthat raptors with guns fighting a war.

The story was in its beginning stages when I started writing it years ago, so I’ve decided that this universe would be the perfect place for my story to take place in.

I’m still only two chapters in, but let me know at if you think this would be a good project for you two in the future.

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