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Page 33 – The scar

Page 33 – The scar published on 4 Comments on Page 33 – The scar

The second chapter is a chance for me to show the other side of the coin. Show that CLAWRs followers is not just “the bad guys”. And you will see more of this in the future chapters as well. And well, slowly you get to know a little bit more about CLAWR as a person.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!


In a way, it’s really hard to comment on a picture like this, because it’s the kind which speak volumes with no words. But I’ll do my best, because this is obviously what you gave this image!

It really is emotional, and you get a taste of what’s to come. And what has been…

He was trying to get something to eat. He’s a carnivore, so you can’t blame him for “nomming” someone’s tail. True the herbivore was defending himself, but you can’t shift all blame onto Clawr. Both were doing what they could to survive. Neither is more to blame than the other.

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