Big news about Krig RAWR!


Today starts a new and bold change for Krig RAWR. Something we hope you will all like. We all know that the site haven’t been publishing any pages for a while now. That’s mostly because Mirjam recently moved to another town and have no time to work on the webcomic. But now we have the solution!

We recently realized that the most time effecting way for this webcomic to work is if we switch roles. Mirjam will do the writing and Tomb will do the drawing. Tomb’s art really brings the characters to life and Mirjam’s writing are both witty, serious and a clever take on society. We really think this will bring Krig RAWR to the next level. Tomb’s simple technique will also allow us to make at least a new page every second day. Something a lot of users has been asking for.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this!

Update 2/4: April fools! ;)

Page 45 will be a little bit late

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…due to unforeseen circumstances. We are still around. It’s just some personal reasons. Don’t worry about it. You could read about this cool discovery meanwhile:

Its huge nose remains a mystery.

“The jumbo-sized schnoz of Nasutoceratops likely had nothing to do with a heightened sense of smell — since olfactory receptors occur further back in the head, adjacent to the brain — and the function of this bizarre feature remains uncertain,” lead author Scott Sampson of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, said in a press release.

Source: Dino With Huge Nose and Horns Unearthed in Utah.

“Big Nosed Horned Faced” could be a good inspiration for a new character in future chapters. ;)

- Tomb & Mirjam

And the winner of our first contest is….

compsognathus with howitzer

((Click on the image for bigger resolution!))

Our first contest for our readers is done and the winner was Joe with a very fun suggestion.

“what about a composognatus team handling a sniper rifle as it were a howitzer?”

Yeah! What about a compsognathus team handling a sniper rifle as if it were a howitzer? Well, we loved the idea so much that we completely forgot the sniper rifle-part! But don’t worry. A normal sized compsognathus would have been as large as half a sniper rifle. So the mistake ended up making some sense.  No hard feelings right? We hope Joe enjoyed the result anyway!

- Tomb & Mirjam

ps. you might get a teaser for chapter 3 soon.

Guest art – Anna Landin

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Anna Landin Guest art

As we said before. During this script break we are planning to show some guest comics and art. So here is the first submission that we have received!

It’s from Anna Landin and she based it on American photojournalist David Douglas Duncan’s famous photo of Marine Capt. Francis “Ike” Fenton. When he ponders his fate and the fate of his men after being told that his company is nearly out of ammunition. During the war in Korea, 1950. Anna is amazing and you really should check out more of her art on Tumblr and read more about her daily life in her blog.

Oh, and the contest is soon over. So if you haven’t taken part yet. Check last weeks post!

(Ps. I was planning to have the guest art as shown like the webcomic pages. But the theme needs some rework if that is going to work.)