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Page 39 – Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

16 Comments on Page 39 – Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

…and done! We have come to the end of the second chapter and we hoped you enjoyed it. The webcomic will now have a longer break until the third chapters writing and story board is done. Meanwhile we are going to upload some guest images / comics from friends and people that are interested in making some Krig RAWR art. (Email if you are !) Starting most likely next week.


It has been a long ride and it’s time to celebrate with us. How? Well, we are having a contest! The only thing you need to do is leaving a comment to this page with your favorite type of dinosaur and what weapons it would look cool with.  We pick a winner 15th of February and Mirjam will then draw that type of dinosaur with your weapon of choice!

Oh, and bonus points if we see that you have liked, +G or tweeted about Krig RAWR. We are almost at 200 fans on Facebook. Would be cool to hit that mark.

And thank you all for reading!

– Tomb & Mirjam